Collegiate "Stretch" Tee

Collegiate "Stretch" Tee

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Clean and simple way to leave a lasting impression no matter your location. This displays the crest that got the brand started in 2015. The crest highlights everything  visually without saying a word.

The giraffe - The only animal on the planet that has an aerial perspective so it's able to see the big picture but yet has his feet flat on the ground so he doesn't loose context with reality.

A rhino - has a firm sense of reality because his feet are placed firmly on the ground but he doesn't have a perspective that gives him any type of advantage. He is limited to what is in front of his nose. He doesn't have the leisure to learn from the mistakes of those that came before him. He can't avoid pot holes that served as stumbling blocks.

An eagle - Can see the big picture and see the whole jungle or forest but it lacks a sense of reality because it's feet aren't flat on the ground.

A giraffe doesn't have either one of those problems and it has the very characters that's necessary for all student athletes and is the exact thing I want for you!  

The graduation cap  - Signifies the end result that all student athletes should be striving for. Yes trophies and accolades are dope but graduating and serving as an example for those coming after you and also making your fam proud is better.

The basketball - The basketball serves a different thing for each person. No reason is held higher than any other. The basketball represents the vehicle that I used to escape the realities such as not being cool enough, college debt and acceptance.  For some people the basketball isn't a basketball at all. It's a football, baseball or maybe even a volleyball. 

No matter the sport this is a light breathable hoodie that  that makes a bold statement about your ability to believe in yourself beyond your particular sport and see the big picture.

Thank you for your support and for stopping by the site.

- Big Brotha Bel