Hoop Laude presented by Big Brotha Bel was launched to inspire , motivate and educate young student athletes much like his earlier self to make the very best out of their time both on and off their individual sport of competition. 

Hoop Laude is translates as :  “Hoop” = basketball and “laude” similar to sum cum laude or magna cum laude ; which means graduating with distinction.

Big Brotha Bel uses basketball as a platform to give advice thats applicable to  student athletes of all sports. He uses basketball because it’s the very sport that allowed him to benefit from a full ride athletic scholarship in college. The very idea that he would be afforded this opportunity is remarkable given the fact that he was not picked to graduate high school. 

Prior to playing basketball in high school , he failed the 6th grade , got associately promoted from the 8th to the 9th grade and spent many of his grade school years in special education classes where his younger sibling (that was 5 years his junior) was able to help do his homework. He didn’t have a reason to stay motivated in class. Shortly there after he had the chance to tryout for his school basketball team with the agreement that if he didn’t keep his grades up he would have the task of telling his friends why he was pulled off the basketball team.

Bel not only pulled his grades up but maintained them to the point where he never had the choir of telling his teammates he wasn’t going to be able to play due to grades. Basketball gave him the motivation to continue his education. 

After graduating college  as a student athlete and also completing his Masters degree; it is Big Brotha Bel’s mission to to equip the next generation of student athletes.


Each piece is hand designed to enhance the student athlete experience and outlook on the game they love so much. This brand is specifically for Student Athletes  and NOT for athletic students. Each garment will encompass both academic as well as the athletic competent.  Ultimately Hoop Laude is not a brand to just wear.  Hoop Laude is a mindset and sub culture from the norm. If you are not able to make an investment in yourself or someone that you know will benefit  by picking up a few pieces, consider stocking  up on the free content I upload weekly for the time being. Both choices are very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Graduate at the top of your class !

- Big Brotha Bel