Hoop Laude ( hoop loud ~ E) is inspired in large by "Big Brotha Bel" and his experience(s) while being a student athlete both in high school as well as in college. "Hoop" refers to the sport he played to earn a full ride athletic scholarship and "laude" refers to graduating with distinction and or honors ( similar to sum cum laude or magna cum laude).

His story is unique to his individual journey but also is broad and relatable enough that it helps many student athletes from an array sports and academic backgrounds. Bel was a student athlete in college at both Utah State University - Eastern as well as Ouachita Baptist University. He went on to graduate with a Masters in Sports Administration. This is a long cry from his more humbling beginnings as a student athlete when he got started. "If it wasn't for basketball, I wouldn't have graduated high school much less college with a Masters." Bel often cites that if he did not play a sport he would not have gone to college. 

Bel failed the 6th grade, the 8th grade , and was placed in special education classes. While in 6th grade, his homework in his special education classes was at a level that his younger sibling who was in 1st grade at the time could (and sometimes would) complete it. Going to college was never the goal but completing high school was always the hope.

After years of not being allowed to participate in sports ( due to his grades), Bel was allowed to join a basketball team during his 9th grade year. Playing basketball gave Bel the much needed confidence and motivation to take his academics more seriously and because of it , he never looked back. Since that time, he was afforded the opportunity to play collegiate basketball and was fortunate enough to benefit from an education that was fully paid for while he was a student athlete.

His story on not only getting to college but also navigating college life as a student athlete is something that all student athletes from can benefit from. Aside from sharing his own story, Hoop Laude also includes several interviews (on their YouTube Channel called Hoop Laude)  from other former and current student athletes to highlight their journey and to provide tips on how to be as impactful as possible while being a student athlete both within their sports well as outside of it.