Hoop Laude "Stretch" Tank

Hoop Laude "Stretch" Tank

  • $25.00

Perfect fit whenever the sun is out. This is the very first design done with the mascot in mind. Here we have "Stretch" surrounded by darkness which is another way of displaying adversity or trying times. This is something that all student athletes face at one time or another. These times can be in the form of lack of playing time or not fulfilling expectation but it also can be in adverse times making the grade in class.

What's great about this shirt is that it displays much of the mindset that you must have in order to get through and pass the dark season you may be living through. When you look at the sunglasses lens it doesn't take long to realize that Stretch has a perspective and mindset that is much brighter than his current circumstance.

This shirt is a constant reminder for all of us to do just that. Make sure you cop this shirt and I will be certain to ship this classic design to you personally.

Thank you for your support.

- Big Brotha Bel